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13 Nov 2015

New Words for Old

My book about how we recycle our language was published last week, so I was chuffed to go to a jazz gig last night and hear a genuine example that I had used. The pianist introduced another member of his trio as being ‘on acoustic guitar’. In New Words for Old I mention the fact that all guitars used to be acoustic, so it went without saying; then when electric guitars became the norm in rock bands (from about the 1950s onwards), if you just said ‘guitar’ you probably meant ‘electric guitar’; if you were playing acoustic guitar you had to specify.

We have a modern analogy with that even more familiar object, the book. Until the e-book came along, no one would have dreamed of talking about a ‘print book’, because there was no other kind. It remains to be seen whether e-books come to dominate so much that they become simply ‘books’, because their electronicness goes without saying.

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