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08 Jun 2015

Here’s a Funny (but Pleasing) Thing

The other day, someone I had never heard of on Twitter tweeted that an extract from my book My Grammar and I (or Should That Be ‘Me’?) had made his day. Since then the same extract has been favourited by about a dozen other people that I don’t know.

The nice parts of this are

1) that the book was published in 2008 and someone is still reading it and
2) that the extract in question is on page 189, so he’s got quite a long way through it.

The extract is in fact a footnote to a piece of English gobbledygook by George W Bush. It’s the third or fourth reference in the book to Bush’s idiosyncratic English and the footnote reads, ‘Yes, him again. Where would this book – and the free world – have been without him?’

Mildly amusing, I hope you’ll agree. The funny and faintly embarrassing aspect is that I don’t remember – seven years on – whether or not it was me (or I) who wrote this. The book was a collaboration and it was my partner in crime who produced the first draft, though I am pretty sure that the idea for jokey footnotes was mine. But did I come up with this crack, or was it added later by our brilliant editor, who is thanked in the acknowledgements for ‘sillinesses’? I have no idea. If it was you, Jacqui, or you, Silvia, please accept my apologies for apparently taking the credit.

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