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02 Sep 2014

How to Greet the Queen

I did two radio interviews for this book yesterday and leapt something like 180,000 places on Amazon. The power of BBC Radios London and Solent! OK, so today I’ve slipped down about 80,000 of those places, but it was fun for a moment.

Not only that, but my appearance on one of these shows (I don’t know which) prompted this kind comment:

I bought a copy of this book recently for one of my kids and then heard the author talking about it on the radio and was so amused I felt I had to post a review. This is a very funny and also useful book that will be a godsend for any young person about to strike out into society who needs to know the do’s and don’ts of life. From how to behave at work to how to deal with unwanted admirers, it’s a brilliant little book that would make a fun birthday or leaving home gift.

Thank you, Mrs Smith, whoever you may be.

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