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06 Jan 2014

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

I’ve had a friendly email from a stranger (to me) called Simon Murray, who kindly says he is enjoying my An Apple a Day and offers this supplement to my entry for ‘Cold hands, warm heart’:

Anxiety or apprehension can cause cold hands via vasoconstriction and sweating of the palms (and soles). Thus if a young man is talking to a young woman who his heart is warm for… I am a doctor and over the years patients have occasionally commented on on my cold hands (on cold mornings, with frequent hand-washing). They have added not infrequently ‘Cold hands warm heart’. These days if a patient comments on my cold hands I quote this expression to them. To which a rejoinder is often ‘Cold hands, warm heart, smelly feet.’ This also makes sense, given the sweating connection.

If we reprint I’ll put some of this in – though I’m not sure about the smelly feet.

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