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19 Sep 2013

A Funny Way to Earn a Living

My cake book – or, as I should now learn to call it, A Slice of Britain: round the country by cake – is being edited, but two of the recipes are still to be checked. A friend has promised to make Scotch Black Bun over the weekend, but someone else reported near failure on the recipe I’d supplied for Chelsea Buns. So I’ve said I’ll try that one myself. Yesterday’s attempt was far too yeasty – what’s the betting that if I reduce the amount of yeast for tomorrow’s go the dough won’t rise at all?

At the same time, I am getting stuck into my new book for the National Trust, Her Ladyship’s Guide to Modern Etiquette. It feels very strange, because it isn’t about cake and over the last few months all I have thought about is cake. Can I work a chapter (or perhaps just a box) about cake into a book on etiquette? I don’t know – I ransacked my kitchen this morning and discovered I don’t even possess cake forks.

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