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06 May 2013

Dorset Knob Throwing

In case you haven’t heard (and don’t listen to Terry Wogan on Radio 2, who seems to have espoused the cause) the Dorset Knob is a small, rounded, crunchy, savoury biscuit perfect with Dorset Blue Vinny cheese. It’s made exclusively by Moores in Bridport and every year for the last six the little village of Cattistock has hosted the Frome Valley Food Fest and Dorset Knob Throwing –  see the website for more.

There were stalls selling Dorset Apple Cake – my real excuse for being there, though the Dorset Knob is going to find its way into my cake book now – and local chutneys, venison sausages and Badger beer. In addition to the official Knob Throwing you could try your hand at the Knob Pyramid or Knob Darts. And there was the most fantastic sense of community. By the time I left (well before lunch time) the volunteers were directing people to the overflow carpark – goodness knows what it must have been like by 3 o’clock. I normally hate great days out for all the family, but this was the best fun I have had in ages. Put it in your diaries for next year.

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