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09 Dec 2012

More Cake News

Well, I went to Bath and met the managers of the Bath Bun and the Sally Lunn Teashop, both of whom were charming and helpful and encouraged me to eat buns. The Sally Lunn with Welsh Rarebit on top is, I have to say, excellent.

More recent adventures were to Brighton, where I can highly recommend the Mock Turtle tea shop – it doesn’t do anything specific to Brighton but it does a LOT else, laid out invitingly on a table as you go in the door. I’ve since baked (orangey) Brighton Buttons and (almondy) Brighton Buns for myself, but can’t find anyone who does either commercially.

I’ve been to Banbury and eaten Banbury Cakes and to St Paul’s Cathedral and eaten Eccles Cakes. I realise I should be going to Eccles in order to eat Eccles Cakes, and I shall, in the new year, but I was in St Paul’s and they had Eccles Cakes and what is a girl to do? The waistline is holding out OK so far, but the sugar highs are getting a bit alarming.

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