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22 Feb 2012

The Joys of Editing

Since writing my last post I’ve been on holiday and the moment I got back I had to drop everything and edit a TV tie-in book for the AA, because the transmission date of the series had been brought forward. Hence the long gap.

But that book brought home to me something about my job that I hadn’t thought about for a while: what a good thing it is to be forced to read books that you mightn’t otherwise have read. This one was The Fisherman’s Apprentice by Monty Halls. Monty spent eight months in the Cornish village of Cadgwith, learning – in a very hands-on way – about the traditional small-boat fishing fleet that still plies its low-impact, sustainable trade around the British coasts. I had no idea just how much damage we can do to the world’s oceans by catching – and buying – fish indiscriminately. I view the labelling in my local supermarket with a much more informed eye.

The series will be out soon and it’s charming and funny as well as hard-hitting – I urge you to watch it and, if you live somewhere where you can buy local fish, to do so and support your local fishermen. They are a remarkable body of men.

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