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25 Jun 2011

Michael O’Mara Have Been Busy

On two consecutive days I’ve had exciting parcels from them. Yesterday brought the proofs of Pushing the Envelope, the book about business jargon that is due out in the autumn: we don’t have a cover yet, but the insides look good. So proofreading these is my task over the next few days.

And today brought something that doesn’t mean more work – a copy of I Used to Know That in Dutch. I have no idea what it says, which is a shame because I can see that includes a lot of stuff about Dutch authors which might be illuminating if I could read it. But it can go on the shelf alongside the German and Spanish editions. Interesting that the Spanish and German editions are 10% longer than the original, which the Dutch is 10% shorter. Have they left whole chunks out, or is it just a compact language?

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