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30 May 2011

A Cool Piece of Packaging

If you ever buy books from the Folio Society you’ll know what a slip case is – that three-sided cardboard box that the book ‘slips’ in and out of. Stuart Evers’ Ten Stories About Smoking comes in what you might prefer to call a flip case: a box shaped like a cigarette packet, with a flip top. The typography is in red and white, with a gold band just where you would expect a gold band to be on a cigarette packet. The book itself has no words on the front or back cover, just the image of five cigarettes – one for each story in the collection. And, you’ve guessed it, all the stories focus to a greater or lesser extent on smoking (at least I assume they do; I’ve read only two so far). It’s a very clever piece of packaging.

And, come to think of it, it’s a great argument for buying this book at least from a bookshop: you’d miss out on the joke if you were looking at it online.

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