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09 Feb 2011

Just back from Finland…

…which was very snowy, but bright and beautiful, not nearly as dark as I had been expecting.
A friend has a blow-by-blow description of Finnish weather on the wall of the loo. It contains lines like ‘+10°C – Californians think they are going to freeze to death; Finns are sunbathing in the back garden’ and ‘–10°C – the British turn on the central heating; Finns put on long-sleeved sweaters’. The last two entries are ‘–273°C – microbial life ceases to function; Finns say to each other, ‘It’s getting a bit chilly’ and ‘–300°C – Hell freezes over; Finland wins the Eurovision Song Contest’.
Not as funny as it used to be, since Finland won Eurovision in 2006, but that was about their 46th time of trying, so it had been something of a national joke. The Finns are a notoriously dour people (though the individuals I met were nothing of the sort), so the very idea of them having a national joke is quite funny in itself.

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