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10 Feb 2011

Pushing the Envelope

When I posted my first blog on 7 December I had just started work on this book. Today I have finished what I suppose I should call the second draft, by which I mean I have been through the first draft on screen and tidied it up.
So now I am printing it out and will put it aside for a couple of weeks, then I’ll read it through on paper and see what I think. Some of it will be fine, some of it will stink, is the most likely outcome.
I find that a useful way of editing my own work: if I’ve only ever worked on something on screen, it can feel very different when it is on paper, and vice versa. If you’d rather save paper by not printing out a whole book, try changing the font so that it looks completely different. It’s surprising how this can help you to spot mistakes that you missed last time round.

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